Nightshade #54 - OCCUL† CODE

Occul† Code is a new underground music project based in Moscow. The main idea of the project is to combine many music styles as Electro, EBM, New Beat , Industrial, Post-Punk with deep and powerful sound of Techno. The man behind the project is DJ Slavak, also a musician and a vinyl collector, who for a long time prefers quality underground sound, which is now mutating into the dark atmosphere of the New Wave.

1. Cosey Fanni Tutti ‎– Time To Tell [Flowmotion]
2. Popsimonova - Danas Si Slab [Gooiland Elektro]
3.Terror Against Terror - The Only Good God Is A Dead God [Paragoric]
4. Xaf ‎– El Presidente [Dyfr Records]
5. Furfriend - Fuck Olympics [Killekill]
6. Popsimonova - Amnesia [Enfant Terrible]
7. Alvar - Blodpumparmuskeln [Daft Records]
8. Terence Fixmer - Aktion Mekanik Theme ( 44 Version)[Ostgut Ton ]
9. DRP - Brainhunter [Body Records]
10. Umwelt - L'émergence Des Damnés [Return To Disorder]
11. Expropriation - Poza Putana [Vanila]
12. I Hate Models - Die Martyrer [VOITAX]
13. RadicalG - Disco sucré [Kobayashi]
14. Leæther Strip - Battleground (KGB Slam Edit)[Zoth Ommog ]
15. Phase Fatale - Cell [Jealous God]
16. Schwefelgelb - Es zieht mich [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
17. Sal Solaris - Unstable Orbits In The Space Of Lies [NEN Records]
18. TEMPLER - In Memoriam (SΛRIN Remix) [X-IMG]
19. Phase Fatale - Mirror [Jealous God]
20. SINS - logic [DETH RECORDS]
21. Furfriend - Fuck Olympics [Killekill]