Nightshade #51 - ALVAR - A Short Sharp Taste Ov Distress

Alvar: a room completely dark, pulsing. 2 shadows. Thrilling rhythms, furious loops and a feeling of total takeover of your soul.

Alvar is a Swedish duo composed of married couple simply known as J&J, dedicated to a mixture of raw EBM, techno, industrial, rhythmic noise and much more, all encompassed by a minimal ad austere aesthetic and inspired by deserted places, forgotten houses and old legends from Öland (an island and a province of Sweden).

Guilt Kollektion is there most recent album and it was released on Daft Records, which is run by Belgian legend Dirk Ivens (The Klinik, Absolute Body Control, Dive and Sonar. A link to their Bandcamp page is listed below.

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