Nightshade #36 - RE_P (anti 4/4 mix)

For a the 36th edition of the Nightshade podcast series we have a special anti 4/4 mix from RE_P. The Italian producer and DJ has released Subsist, Genesa and after a bit of hiatus new music will soon be coming out on Two Human Mistakes.

"Re, a romanization of the Japanese kana れ and レ.
P, a complexity class in computational complexity theory.
Rê, the ancient Egyptian god Ra.
P, the symbol for momentum in physics.
Re, the relative effectiveness factor, a measurement of an explosive's power.
P”, a primitive programming language."

01. RE_P - The planet exterior to Uranus (original mix)
02. NX1 - Black 02 A03 (original mix)
03. Emptyset - Order (original mix)
04. Pfirter - Universe (Edit Select dub)
05. Eomac - Moon obelisk (original mix)
06. RE_P - Neptune's outer atmosphere (-218 °C) (original mix)
07. Tommy four Seven - Armed 3 (original mix)
08. Mondkopf - No icons (original mix)
09. Shadows - Where there is only light (original mix)
10. Elektrabel - Desaft (Voidloss dead heart of DMT mix)
11. Danilo Incorvaia - Progresso (original mix)
12. Joseph_McGeechan - Failed By The Conformists (Ancient Methods' Sgt. Howie Remix)
13. An unreleased RE_P track
14. ALHEK - α-decay (original mix)
15. Shapednoise - Collision (original mix)
16. RE_P - State of inner turmoil (original mix)
17. Blasted - Electrocution NoClick (original mix)