Nightshade #25 - D - Leria

Giuseppe Scaccia (born June 1st, 1987) is an Italian Dj/producer.
As a teenager he immediately begins to show a great interest in electronic music. At the age of 14 he begins and follows his collection
of Hardcore and Acid vinyls. In 2003, he starts his career in the studio producing with his brother, achieving international success
and performing at major festivals, including the Q- Base. In 2014 he produces something different from the usual, something
he had long desired for. And thus D-Leria came to life. He starts playing immediately as resident dj at Affekt club, in
the 2014/15 season. “Confusion” is one of his first EPs wich released on the australian label Darknet, with remixes
by Stanislav Tolkachev, Alex Bau and Pinion, followed by “Somewhere In Space“, released on Nachtstrom Shallplatten.
Currently he owns DLBM. (his new label in co-ownership with Beat Movement) and he just released
“Once Again“, a feature track for Children Of Tomorrow.