Nightshade #18 - Ryogo Yamamori

Taken from Ryogo's Facebook Page:

"Ryogo Yamamori is a rising star in the techno music scene.
He was exposed to the sounds of such as artist Marshall Jefferson,Josh wink,Green Velvet,Jeff Mills,Derrick May, Undergroud Resistance,early 90`s. in 1999, he starts making his solo tracks,his tracks began to appears in magazine DJ Charts around the world. in 2011, he starts his own label 951beat in tokyo, after only a few releases gained heavy industry support from DJs such as Dave Clarke,Dvs1,Ben Klock,Robert Hood,just to name a has over 80 original production work on such as torque,slap jaxx,IIIegal Alien Records and he`s also established techno artists such as ,Detroit Grand Pubahs vs. Space DJz.
he has been performed at air in Japan,Octagon in Korea,America,New Zealand and Canada. keep your eyes open!"