Nightshade #8 - Viscerale

Dark and mind bending mix from Viscerale!

Born in the cold north of Hamburg, Viscerale moved to Berlin 4 years ago
where she could find a deeper connection to music and especially industrial techno.
Always in quest of finding new inspiration she started to produce and mix
music. Still going through a learning progress, she tries to reveal her true spirit and spread it to the world.

Violet Poison//Like A Pandora´s Box
Veiled//Washing The Surface
Phase Fatale//Vacuum
Talker//Frame Capture
Absent//Confine Me
Ancient Methods//Else 
Tomohiko Sagae//Fatigue Fracture
An-i//Save Us
Distant Echoes//Glitter In The Dark
Astronomical Telegram//Side Tool Part 2
Cassegrain//New Hexagon
Arcing Seas//Ophidian
Developer//In Pure Form 23
Dax J//La Haine
D. Carbone//Untitled
D.Å.R.F.D.H.S.//Reasonable Excuse