Nightshade #11 - SPECIALIVERY

A young & promising producer/DJ who goes by the name of Specialivery curated our 11th Nightshade mix.

Swiss Armed Forces Militia Lieutenant Carlo Bernasconi first approached musicianship as a turntablist, circa 2000 (under the pseudonym G.BIZ). By 2006 he had achieved renown in his field, reaching 2nd place at the Swiss DMC DJ Championships. Despite his classical training (having spent 7 years of his youth studying piano and solfeggio in a Conservatory setting), he didn’t take a shine to actually making music until 2011’s Specialivery revelation.

Under the guise of Specialivery, Carlo found himself channeling the rigor of his military training and his academic technical expertise into a punishing, highly controlled techno meisterwerks. A scholar by design and a traveler by circumstance, his style is not bogged down by any regional trends or periodic novelties, instead being driven by a conceptual fondness for primeval mysticism and ancient civilizations. And rather than transcribing the rawness of his topics of choice through the oft-abused lo-fi rave pastiche of warehouse techno, Carlo opts for a highly polished assault of religiously frenetic percussion and brooding, primordial musical progression – drawing comparisons to dark techno luminaries.

Since his inception, Specialivery has DJed, produced, collaborated, and ghost-produced without pause, alternating between his Switzerland residence and his extended NY- and Paris-based crews.

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