Nightshade #10 - Phase Fatale

For this edition of the Nightshade series, Phase Fatale has created an aggressive industrial techno mix. This mix displays his various influences which range from EBM, Techno, and Industrial music.

"Phase Fatale is a techno project of now Berlin-based young DJ and producer Hayden Payne from New York. Hayden has a unique background of playing with numerous cold wave and minimal synth bands including Automelodi and his own band Dream Affair and studying Music Technology at New York University. Phase Fatale is an artistic endeavor that’s born out of his various musical ventures over the past 7 years combined with his penchant for the darker, harder and industrial-leaning techno. Phase Fatale demolishes the border between music and noise to create a new progressive vision of techno – the sound of future war, whether it’s captured on vinyl or an extract of the digital static.

For live sets Phase Fatale uses exclusively hardware to achieve his distinguishable sound while his DJ sets features a unique blend of techno laced with EBM and synth gems. His 2014 debut EP Skyscraper on Italian label Avant! Records moves between noise-ridden soundscapes and minimal industrial techno rhythms, capturing the spirits of both EBM classics and modern contemporaries. His next releases are due out in early 2015 on Berlin-based label [Aufnahme + Wiedergabe] followed by Jealous God. Phase Fatale has played alongside acts such as Clock DVA and Cold Cave around the globe from Los Angeles to Moscow."

Track List:
1. Mörder Machine - Terrortory - Slaughter Productions
2. Violet Poison - Absence Generator - Veleno Viola (forthcoming)
3. Orphx - What Will Burn - Sonic Groove
4. Stave - Hardened Chord (Regis Remix) - Repitch
5. REALMZ - Circulation - Sonic Groove / Thorofon - Flamethrower - Ant-Zen
6. Daniel Avery - Reception (Perc Remix) - Phantasy Sound
7. Bourbonese Qualk - Lies (Ancient Methods Remix) - Mannequin
8. Headless Horseman - Sanctuary - Headless Horseman
8. Reeko - The Day After 3 - Mental Disorder
9. Celldöd - Pulsdisco 1 - Suction
10. Phase Fatale - Grain (Silent Servant Remix) - Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (forthcoming)
11. Broken English Club - Channel 83 - Cititrax (forthcoming)
12. The Klinik - Memories - Antler
13. Phase Fatale - Rot - Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (forthcoming)
14. Opus Finis - The Twentieth Sonnet (A Night Realm) - SDM