Nightshade #59 - JK FLESH (Machines & Stems Live Mix)

Justin K Broadrick (JK Flesh) needs little introduction for most tuning into this Live PA mix. However, for the uninformed some words must be said for the acclaimed and accomplished polymath. Justin is a founding member of Godflesh, a band created in the late 1980s and one of the first of its kind to combine genres such as industrial music and extreme metal. Other projects of Justin include Jesu / Sun Kil Moon, Techno Animal and JK Flesh. As JK Flesh, he has released on heavyweight labels such as Hospital Productions, Electric Deluxe and Downwards. 
This live mix was created through “machines and stems, no overdubs no post processing – raw and essentially improvised.” The Tempest drum machine from Dave Smith, Elektrons Analog Keys and Ableton were key elements in process of this mix’s creation. The "Machines & Stems live mix" from JK Flesh really speaks for itself and we are very grateful to be able to share with everyone who is tuning into the Nightshade podcast series!

Nightshade #58 - Nathaniel

"Out of my need of knowledge, I watched night create day"

Nathaniel is co-founder of Delaitpath, an upcoming label from Italy. Together with The19thSagittarius they have released and EP and a recent Various Artists compilation featuring artists such as Bakunin Commando, Nathaniel, The19thSagittarius, OBSCR and many more. The recent VA weaves between many genre such as darkwave, ebm, techno and etc...Highly recommended! 
You can purchase Delaitpath releases at their Bandcamp page located in the link below.

Nightshade #57 - DJ LOSER

Nightshade has been offline for the past couple weeks but we are proud to have DJ LOSER present a mix for the 57th edition of the Nightshade podcast series. In this mix the producer really showcases the diverse music styles he has in his library. One can easily sense the punk rock attitude throughout the mix. 
If your not familiar with his releases make sure to check them out. DJ LOSER has a unique production style as well ranging from raw industrial sounds to rough techno. DJ LOSER has released music on labels Clan Destine, Smashing Tape and taken part in V/A releases from Pater Noster, Dawn Records and Bizaarbazaar. Make sure to keep your eyes open for future releases on Velono Viola and Sign Bit Zero.

Nightshade #55 - Yana Woodstock Яна Вудсток

Яна Вудсток
Jana is a Kiev-based electronic dj and a resident of Osnova party series who started her way two years ago in an underground club 56 and played at different venues and countries since that time - in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Her musical selections combine electro, EBM, breaks and bits of hip hop, altogether forming an atmosphere of a beautiful, dark and hypnotizing horror movie.

Nightshade #54 - OCCUL† CODE

Occul† Code is a new underground music project based in Moscow. The main idea of the project is to combine many music styles as Electro, EBM, New Beat , Industrial, Post-Punk with deep and powerful sound of Techno. The man behind the project is DJ Slavak, also a musician and a vinyl collector, who for a long time prefers quality underground sound, which is now mutating into the dark atmosphere of the New Wave.

1. Cosey Fanni Tutti ‎– Time To Tell [Flowmotion]
2. Popsimonova - Danas Si Slab [Gooiland Elektro]
3.Terror Against Terror - The Only Good God Is A Dead God [Paragoric]
4. Xaf ‎– El Presidente [Dyfr Records]
5. Furfriend - Fuck Olympics [Killekill]
6. Popsimonova - Amnesia [Enfant Terrible]
7. Alvar - Blodpumparmuskeln [Daft Records]
8. Terence Fixmer - Aktion Mekanik Theme ( 44 Version)[Ostgut Ton ]
9. DRP - Brainhunter [Body Records]
10. Umwelt - L'émergence Des Damnés [Return To Disorder]
11. Expropriation - Poza Putana [Vanila]
12. I Hate Models - Die Martyrer [VOITAX]
13. RadicalG - Disco sucré [Kobayashi]
14. Leæther Strip - Battleground (KGB Slam Edit)[Zoth Ommog ]
15. Phase Fatale - Cell [Jealous God]
16. Schwefelgelb - Es zieht mich [aufnahme + wiedergabe]
17. Sal Solaris - Unstable Orbits In The Space Of Lies [NEN Records]
18. TEMPLER - In Memoriam (SΛRIN Remix) [X-IMG]
19. Phase Fatale - Mirror [Jealous God]
20. SINS - logic [DETH RECORDS]
21. Furfriend - Fuck Olympics [Killekill]

Nightshade #53 - Bellatrix?

Bellatrix? is the obscure Ebm-Techno project of a young Italien artist. He has a 12” EP coming out in late March on Violet Poison’s VELENO VIOLA and is also running a tape label called ANIME SOLITARIE CASSETTE whose first release saw first light in September. 
Bellatrix? will soon start a project named CULTO in Verona (IT) with his friend Shinoby who is also a fellow musician.
We hope you enjoy this vinyl only mix as much we do!

Nightshade #52 - Rune Bagge (Ectotherm/Forgotten Figures/Fast Forward)

Rune Bagge(Ectotherm/Forgotten Figures/Fast Forward)is a producer and DJ from Denmark. We found out about this producer from his recent release on Ectotherm titled 'Ingen Tak Til Systemet', however, Bagge has been a part of the DK scene for years, providing dancefloors with heavy and crunched up percussive sounds.

Croatian Amor - The World (Posh Isolation) Forgotten Figures - 3,2 (Forgotten Figures) O/V/R - Descending the Left Corner (Blueprint) AD/S - Transversal (Ventress Remix) (Avian) Lee Holman - The Emigrant (Graphene) François X - Elusive Morality (Dement3d) Exium - Cloner (Audio Assault) Sigha - Loop Six (Avian) P.A.S. - Function 4 (Shifted Remix) (Mote Evolver) Sleeparchive - And In His Eyes I Saw Death (Sleeparchive) Rune Bagge - Repulsion (Ectotherm) British Murder Boys ‎– Learn Your Lesson (Counterbalance) Manzel - Untitled A (Manzel) Marcel Fengler - Thwack (Mote Evolver) Repro - Stress Testing (count 0) Unknown Artist - BEAR2007 (Ritual Malmö) Inigo Kennedy - Filaments (Token)

Nightshade #51 - ALVAR - A Short Sharp Taste Ov Distress

Alvar: a room completely dark, pulsing. 2 shadows. Thrilling rhythms, furious loops and a feeling of total takeover of your soul.

Alvar is a Swedish duo composed of married couple simply known as J&J, dedicated to a mixture of raw EBM, techno, industrial, rhythmic noise and much more, all encompassed by a minimal ad austere aesthetic and inspired by deserted places, forgotten houses and old legends from Öland (an island and a province of Sweden).

Guilt Kollektion is there most recent album and it was released on Daft Records, which is run by Belgian legend Dirk Ivens (The Klinik, Absolute Body Control, Dive and Sonar. A link to their Bandcamp page is listed below.

Vishudha Kali - Rituals from Mountain Spirits
Triarii - Mother Of Pain (Eternal Soul Records)
Cut Hands - No Spare No Soul (Dirter Promotions)
IC 434 - Eye Of The Oppressed (Body Records)
Alvar - Touch (Unreleased Demo Recording)
Noise Unit - Corroded Decay (Dossier)
Popsimonova - Staviti Crveni Ruz (Gooiland Elektro)
Vainio / Väisänen / Vega - Motor Maniac (Blast First)
Out Out - Null (V.0.9 Mix) (Ras Dva Records)
Venus Walk - Isolation (Ras Dva Records)
X Marks the Pedwalk - Abattoir (Zoth Ommog)
Dmitry Distant - Lucifer's Gospel (Electronic Emergencies)
Lata Ramasar - The Greatest Name That Lives (K.D.R. Records)
Doubting Thomas - Father Don't Cry (Wax Trax! Records)
Emptyset - Collapse (Raster-Noton)
Operant - ZK-II_004 (Instruments Of Discipline)
Portion Control - Discord (In Phaze Records)
Tzusing - Nonlinear War (Cititrax)
The Soft Moon - Desertion (Phase Fatale Remix) (aufnahme+wiedergabe)
Techno Bert - Neue Dimensionen (Doremix Records)
Placebo Effect - Move (Danse Macabre)
Front Line Assembly - Dark Dreams (Third Mind Records)
No Sleep By The Machine - Last One (Dödsdans Rekords)
Ancient Methods - Knights & Bishops (Ancient Methods)
Haujobb - We Must Wait (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer) (Ant-Zen)
The Kloom - 40 Gram Beton (Die Wilde Jagd Remix) (Malka Tuti)
Psychic Tv - Jigsaw (Temple Records)
Logo - Businessmen (Usa Import Music)


Nightshade #49 - Danilo Incorvaia

Danilo Incorvaia is a DJ producer and remixer born in Saronno (Va), a city near Milan, Italy. This promising producer has had some great releases in 2016, for example his recent EP 'The Theory of Involution' which was released the Toxic Waste Buried label is not to be missed. The EP also features a remix from RE_P, another great producer who has contributed to the Nightshade podcast series. 

Nightshade #48 - Terawax

Born and raised in Kiev, the DJ and producer is influenced by old heavy beats from Detroit and Berlin. Started playing in 2011 at several local parties, which carried non pop techno sound and later moved to most underground Kiev clubs/locations as Otel', 56, Mezzanine. Through years, in 2015 co-found party series "ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ", supporting local artists from all over Ukraine and inviting guests from nearby countries.

Nightshade #47 - Animal Holocaust

French techno producer and Dj based in St-Brieuc who is in love with industrial soundscapes , intense techno beats , deep & dark ambience and mental noises. Make sure to also check out the producers record label Messe Noire.

Animal Holocaust - Another Strange Vision Of Unreal
Synthek & Audiolouis - Unwise (Polar Inertia Remix)
E.O.S - Satellite Y
Subjected - FMRA
Evod - Matrice
Jack Master - Bang The Box (Slam Remix)
Violent - Rage For Order
Tim Tama - Klappertandjes
Paragon - Moan OF The Unallowed
RVDE - 90s Hammer
74185# - Vexhita
Animal Holocaust - No Escape
Ayarcana - She Killed In Extasy
I Hate Models - 500 Lesbians In Irak
Maelstrom & Louisahhh - Listen (Discord Remix)
Oliver Rosemann - Crust
I Hate Models - Warehouse Memories




Nightshade #45 - Cute Heels

Viktor Lenis AKA Cute Heels is an artist based in Bogotá, Colombia and Europe. Viktor grew up in the punk scene in Columbia and traces of his past can be found in his DJ sets and productions. His sound has shade of industrial techno, ebm and electro. Cute Heels has released on the label he manages Black Leather Records. Other record labels the artist has released on is Dark Entries and Black Montanas. The Nightshade Cute Heels mix is a fierce and sexy one to say the least, we hope you enjoy as much as we do! xx



Nightshade #44 - Ashes

Inspired by shadowy dancers whirling insanely through clouds of smoke and dark lights. Ashes particular approach to music is purely bacchanal. Hyper dimensional techno and dreamless ambiance. Conjuring noise to increase the frequency of peak experiences, the rush of sound exploding and the constant waves of energy that people are giving off while getting off.
Ashes will be releasing an LP soon, so keep your eyes on this promising producer. Also being released soon is an EP which was created by Ashes and Playful Death who is half of Dionysian Mysteries. 

Nightshade #43 - Restive Plaggona

Restive Plaggona is Greek producer and DJ, whose productions vary from ambient melancholia to pulsating Industrial soundscapes. Plaggona heads the Several Minor Promises imprint which has just recently released a limited run of cassette tapes for Plaggona's new EP "Non Serviam, the EP is also available in digital format. 
This mix features a wide array genres such as ambient, industrial, and EBM.
''tyrants will fall
celebrities will shrivel
corporations will decay
and i'm just fucking glad to watch 'em burn''


Nightshade #42 - 14anger

"14anger is a time traveler. Collector of techno classics, admirer of futuristic sequencing, he weaves these together for an eternal timed prophecy rave. Vehement manufacturer of electronic music, not of the norm, giving deep and lyrical, solid originality, spurred out of years spent in Industrial, EBM, and Doomcore to his melodic synth pads. 14anger is cultivated dancefloor, serious as a heart attack without resuscitation.
Disciplined? Determined. Ecstasy? Rave. For certain."


Nightshade #41 - Suzanne

Suzanne began a serious interest in music as a drummer in punk, goth, black metal bands at an early age. In 2010 he moved to Bologna, where he worked for Decadence. During this time he got in touch with the Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, Minimalwave, Synthpop.
In the end of 2013 he moved in Berlin where he was introduced to the world of techno. Listening to Drumcell and Subjected, brought him to this dark space so he decided to buy his firsts turntables, cdjs and mixer and start to produce his own music.
He is currently working on the music and video production. Keep your eyes out for his upcoming EP

Nightshade #40 - Shadowcomplex

"Andrea Simioni aka Shadowcomplex was born in Florence twenty two years ago.
Lover of music since always, he started to play drums and percussion at the age of eight.
Lover of punk and metal he has now naturally gravitated towards electronic music , in particular to techno and industrial music. Both techno and industrial music have become his point of reference."